“Living at The Regency is
like living a dream… and
I hope I never wake up!”

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Independent Senior Living Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions:

“Living at the Regency is like living in a dream and I hope I never wake up!”
Melissa Voss

“I enjoy the many new friends I‘ve made and yet I have privacy. I appreciate living in a safe and secure environment. The staff is always willing to help when I need their assistance.”
Elaine Siminoe

“We had heard the Regency was a friendly place, people hadn’t exaggerated. We are glad we moved in, we should have done it twelve years ago.” “My wife needs to walk to improve the health of her back, the Regency’s architectural design really provides for her needs.”
Ron and Rojane Catlin

“We moved to the Regency in Kearney to be closer to our doctors. We wanted to downsize as well and we did. But, we still have plenty of room for our kids to come visit.” “I just love the community garden! We gardeners each have an area and we really enjoy putting our hands in the dirt.”
Arlen and Angie Butterfield

“With my husband’s failing health, he wanted to see me in a secure protected place. The Regency gave my husband peace of mind.”
Lois Benson

“My dear wife is confined to a nursing home. I needed to move from my hometown to be closer to her. Living at the Regency allows me to visit her everyday. What a blessing for me and her.”
Ross Gibbons